Spherical Washer Sets (Self-Aligning Washers)

Spherical Washer Sets, also known as Self-Aligning Washers or Equalizing Washers, are a great solution for fastening applications on an uneven surface.  The washer set consists of a “top” half that is convex and a “bottom” half that is concave.  The top washer has a slightly narrower ID than the bottom washer while both have the same radius.  This enables a bolt or screw to pass through both washers and “self-align” allowing for a flat clamping washer surface.  The spherical washer sets are designed for a 3-4 degree angle of correction.  Morton Machine Works manufactures the sets in case-hardened carbon steel with a black-oxide finish or in 303 stainless steel.  Variations in material or surface coatings are available upon request.  Morton offers spherical washer sets from stock in bolt sizes of 3/32″ to 2-3/4″ available for same day shipping.