Spherical Washer Sets

Morton Machine Works is a leading supplier of Spherical Washer Sets for industrial applications throughout the United States.  Spherical Washer Sets, also commonly known as Equalizing Washers, are used in clamping applications to compensate for slight misalignment between threads and the workpiece.  The top washer half has a convex surface that has a smaller hole ID than the bottom half concave surface.  The full floating action of the two washers allow angle correction of up to 3 degrees when clamping.  Spherical Washer Sets are commonly used for jig and fixture clamping as well as in applications for the Construction, Gas & Oil, and Metalworking Industries.  Morton stocks a full line of spherical washer sets in Bolt Sizes from 3/32” through 3” including metric sizes from M6 ID through M30.  Standard materials include case hardened carbon steel with a black oxide finish and 303 stainless steel.  Many sizes are available from stock in 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 4140 through hardened steel, and galvanized finishes.  Follow the link below to see the full representation of materials, sizes, and CAD available.   https://workholdingcomponents.mortonmachine.com/viewitems/workholding-components-washers/spherical-washers-self-aligning-washers

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